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A whole new way to collect music.

Whether its vinyl, memorabilia, concert posters, ticket stubs or festival wristbands, musicheads have one thing in common: a shared passion for the many moments that make music so incredibly special.

Collect and earn

On Sona, artists can auction their tracks as SONAs. Each SONA is a one-of-a-kind digital twin of a specific song, which gives owners 70% of the Sona streaming rewards of that song.

Grow alongside artists

Each SONA is an opportunity to align yourself with the upside of an artist’s career, joining them as their success grows.

LewisCollected on01/22/23

"Oasis Nocturno"

spinz808Collected on01/22/23
Gavin Turek


LauraJCollected on01/22/23
Cakes da Killa

"Sip of My Sip"

RyanCollected on01/22/23
Gavin Turek

"The Distance"

DJ ReiflerCollected on01/22/23


ShannonCollected on01/22/23

"Why I Love You"

There can only be one

There’s only one SONA per song — and only one owner of a SONA at a time. Collectors earn a prominent place on the artist’s profile so you can signal your support. Bragging rights never felt this good!

Expand your collection

Discover new trending artists poised to explode, and snag those SONAs before anyone else. You can say you were first — and prove it with your collection at the vanguard of music.

  • LewisCollected on01/22/23
  • JenLeeCollected on01/22/23
  • LaurCollected on01/22/23
  • SyamaCollected on01/22/23
  • EZRACollected on03/04/23
    Gavin Turek

    "Good Look For You"



    EZRAEarnings: $50.00
  • LTCollected on01/22/23
  • ToniCollected on01/22/23
  • MaxPCollected on11/12/23
  • Laura JCollected on10/10/23

How it works

1. Sign up

Create an account to start streaming music and collecting SONAs.

2. Follow artists

Start following your favorite artists so you can keep track of their latest moves on Sona.

3. Watch for SONA auctions

Not every song streamed will be sold as a SONA. When an artist decides to launch an auction, you’ll have 24 hours to bid. Top bid wins bragging rights, a top spot as Collector on the artist’s profile, and 70% of Sona streaming rewards for that song.

4. Flex your collection

Share your SONAs on social media to signal support for your favorite artists and participate in the growth of their careers. Sharing those links on social drives more streams — and more streaming rewards for you!

Better music streaming for everyone.